I heard about your life coaching WV through some family and man Am I thankful for it! I would definitely rate as a five, higher if that was an option. A short time ago I was going through some things that I hadn’t been able to deal with from years before. A lot of built up anger , bitterness, and being honest some hatred! It was affecting every aspect in my life. My marriage, my parenting and most importantly my walk with Jesus Christ. I was harboring so many things that I really didn’t even have a clue I was still bitter over. But boy did that change. My first visit with my coach and now my forever friend I was skeptical. How was I supposed to open up when I couldn’t even to my spouse. One thing I came to realize though when your talking with a pro and an anointed child of God , it comes easy. When you realize you’re talking with someone that has dealt with it all , and has your best interest in heart and mind you’ll begin to communicate in ways that most men didn’t know they could. The exercises and the home work you get during this time, are so helpful in every way every day! For instance exercises given on how three people in a room that interpret things ,sound, movement differently! For all the guys that have said or thought I wish I could read my wife’s mind, cause she thinks I should, well your both gonna find out that it’s ok not to; and the importance of honesty and understanding. For anyone wanting help with depression, letting go of their past, addiction,for anyone hurting,for anyone struggling with life’s daily grind, for anyone wanting to just find help to reconnect with there spouse, and children, I would suggest they get in contact right away. YLCWV thank you for being such a blessing to my family and I! ~Aaron

“When I first heard about “life coaching”, I was immediately intrigued. Living in a small town though, I didn’t really know of any “life coaches”, so when I heard about Dreama, I was really excited! I’ll admit, when I was looked up her background, I initially hesitated, because she’s very strong in her Christian faith. I have nothing against that; I’m just not religious, at all. I doubted that we would be able to connect. I worried she would be preachy or judgmental, or worse than either of those, a hypocrite. Around the same time, she was teaching a workshop called “Beyond the Bully” at EWVCTC, so I thought I’d attend and see if I liked her style. I was shocked because I actually did! I admit, I am a self-help junkie! I have read A LOT and studied a ton about self-help because I have wrestled mental illness my whole life. I have always searched for “tips” and “tricks” to make life easier, but “therapy” never really did much for me. The whole concept of paying someone to offer advice and feign caring was never something I could really get into. I didn’t think any therapist I ever had really had much to offer me. With Dreama though, it was different. She seemed to know how to talk to me. We set goals, and she would keep up on me regardless of how I tried to self-sabotage.

As time went by, I noticed my goals were actually being accomplished! I think I set four and three are all behind me now! It was surreal to think that I was actually accomplished things I had only briefly toyed with the thought of! It was all because of her. I would hesitate and cancel appointments, and she kept on me, not letting me give up. There was even a bonus completion of a goal in there, because I had vaguely mentioned one of those “ONE DAY, I’M GONNA..” kind of dreams and she motivated me to jump at it right then, and by golly, I walked in an office simply inquiring about what I had to do to get a certain job and walked out with that job! I really have a lot of respect for Dreama. Her coaching is affordable and worthwhile! Her program is set up in a way where it’s hard to NOT be successful in your pursuits. She offered me advice that I honestly would have never thought of. She knows a lot of different ways to motivate people and she views life in a way I have found to be unique. I’m really thankful I decided to try Dreama as my life coach, and I really feel like she’s more than that now. I would consider her a friend. If you’re thinking of trying a life coach, I cannot praise Dreama enough!” ~Heathe