Hey Y’all. If you’re wondering why I have a page promoting a random author, well, that author is me!

When I started writing, my first book was non-fiction so I used my real name…but when I started jotting down these novels, I chose the pseudonym Jordan J. Patterson – based on the runs and creek that helped shape me as a person.

I hope you enjoy reading these novels as much as I’ve enjoyed creating the cast of characters and telling their stories.

Be Blessed y’all and may the Good Lord keep His hand upon you as you travel through your life ~Jordan


~ Christian ~ Inspiring ~ Real ~ Simple Life W.Va.

Staged in the mountains of West Virginia, Life on the Allegheny Front is a series of historical, Christian romances. Follow along as the Evans family of The Farms and the Doman & Bradley families of The Mill face real life head on.  


THE FARMS: The Evans Family Saga

As they strive to overcome various life storms, the Evans family finally figures out that it’s the support of family and community that will see them through. From PTSD to broken relationships, join the Evans Family as they find healing on the road that leads them home.

Molly’s Cabin


BOOK 1 – click on book cover to order!

Following the fire that killed spinster Molly Sivits’ parents, neighbor Pete Evans organizes their community to rally around Molly, offering her hope, healing, a home, and love that defies all odds.


After Storms

After Storms: Life on the Allegheny Front book 2

BOOK 2 – click on cover to order!

Raised on opposite sides of the same mountain, can Julia Mae “Little Red” Moyer and Benjamin Ora “Bo” Evans overcome the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart? Or is her daddy right—being born on the other side of the Allegheny sealed their fate as nothing more than natural-born enemies?

Redeemed by Faith

Redeemed by Faith: Life on the Allegheny Front ~ Novel 3 by [Jordan J. Patterson]

BOOK 3 – click on book cover to order!

Can Nicholas Evans and Georgette Chamberlin set aside their own selfish desires and raise an orphaned child as their own? Will the Serenity Farm cabin bring peace to three more lost souls?

Set in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Redeemed by Faith addresses the difficult issues of pride, selfishness, and consequences of choices made.


Sacred Vows

BOOK 4 – Click on Cover to Order

In order for Nathaniel Evans to come home emotionally, he needs his family and childhood sweetheart—Emily Chamberlin—to stop looking for the boy he was before life-over-there and accept the man in front of them, otherwise known as the New Nate, and if they can’t or won’t do that, he’s thinking he’ll have to go away for good.

Set in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Sacred Vows addresses the often hidden impact of PTSD or a Soldier’s Heart.

THE MILL: The Doman & Bradley Family Sagas

Old ghosts, new troubles, and an all-out spiritual warfare await the citizens of The Run in Patterson’s latest series.

This trilogy contains the rest of the Doman Story: “A Holiday Romance” “A Rose for Adahlia” and “Call Me Dale”. These stories contain some West Virginia slang and folklore resulting in an authentic cultural tale straight from the foothills of West Virginia’s Allegheny Front! 

Holiday Romance

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Thrown together by her matchmaking Grandfather, Adahlia Bradley and James Doman embark on a friendship peppered with romance, holiday festivities, and shared secrets that will either bind them together or sever their hopes for a Holiday Romance.

The Mill Trilogy

The Mill Trilogy: The Doman Family Saga (Life on the Allegheny Front) by [Jordan J Patterson]
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 “Watch your step when everything seems to be going in the right direction lest you slip.” (James Doman in  ‘A Rose for Adahlia’)

“A Holiday Romance” “A Rose for Adahlia” and “Call Me Dale” merge into one book bringing folklore, faith, and love to the forefront of everyday life on The Mill. You’ll want to read and share this one!