Because time is a valuable commodity, I created and utilize the Empowered by 8 brief Coaching model.
Over a 12-month period, Neighbors will complete eight focused coaching visits.  This schedule gives you time to determine which tools work for you and tweak the ones that don’t.

Below are the session descriptions and cost breakdowns (Total investment in Your Life: $550.00!)

(1) Initial Intake Session* – $175.00: A 120-minute “Get Acquainted” and logistics visit.  

(1) Purpose and Goal Setting Session – $50.00:  One 90-minute visit to review and establish your goals as a Neighbor of Your Life Coaching WV.

(2) Reinforcement Chats – $50.00 :  Our two 60-minute reinforcement chats are designed to review progress and address additional issues or concerns.  Neighbor’s preference of face-to-face or via telephone! $ 25.00 per visit

(2) Action Plan Sessions* – $175.00:  These two sessions are designed to strengthen the Neighbor’s goal setting techniques and ideals for success!  

(2) Exit Strategy Sessions – $ 50.00:  These two 60-minute sessions will shore up questions, further plan for success. $ 25.00 per visit

Additional 60 Minute Coaching Session – Existing Neighbors:  $ 25.00


“Consultation Chat” –  A 60-minute, one time, non-Neighbor visit:  $100.00

“Family Matters” – Additional Family or Group Sessions – Billed hourly $ 100.00


Please Note:

Coaching visits are conducted over a 12-month period. Neighbor’s final visit is to be scheduled prior to the first visit anniversary date.