Just Me, Myself, and I

By unveiling unique attributes, this workshop is designed to help individuals own facets of their personality (and those special quirks) that embody the mirror’s reflection and beyond.

This two part session has been designed to aid Human Services Professionals take a deeper look into the development and impact of individuals’ self-esteem and self-control. 

Self-Esteem: We All Need Some!

In this session, learners will examine innate and developed facets of self-worth, self-esteem development, impact of self-esteem upon the human psyche, and the effects of self-esteem upon the development of socialization.  Hands on exercises will be utilized during this session.

Self-Control: Who Needs It?

Human Services Professionals will learn hands on techniques designed to aid in the development and refinement of their clients’ demonstrated level of self-control.  This session will present an overview of personality types and the impact of personality type upon behavior, identify personality-specific triggers, and ways to counterbalance and avoid identified triggers before conflict occurs.